Title:Assistance to the Ministry of Energy and Mining in Kosovo
Budget:999,000 EUR
Dates: January, 2009 - January, 2011
Partner: EPTISA

The overall objective of the project was to develop and implement strategies and policies for a market-based energy system in compliance with acquis communautaire and requirements of the Energy Community Treaty (EnCT). The purpose of this contract was to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) on implementing the Energy Strategy of Kosovo and meeting the requirements of the EnCT, with specific attention to strategic environmental assessment, and gender and minority inclusion. The project included:
Assisting the MEM with updating the Energy Strategy, including updating of policies relating to private sector involvement and privatisation, electricity and district heating tariffs and affordability, and assisting the MEM to perform an environmental strategic assessment.
Updating the Programme on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Resources, including development of policies and action plans for implementation of acquis on energy efficiency.
Support to the MEM on policies and guidelines for further market development and support for participation in the Energy Community Treaty (EnCT) and the Energy Working Group.