Title:Support to the integration of Ukraine in the trans-European transport network
Budget:5,855,000 EUR
Dates: August, 2008 - December, 2011
Partner: ARUP (UK); WSP (UK); NACO (NL)

The objective of the project was to improve the transport sector in Ukraine by assisting the MoTC to develop and implement a coherent and comprehensive transport sector strategy, covering all modes of transport as well as cross-cutting issues such as logistics, intermodals, and border crossings.
The programme supported the MoTC with elaborating medium to long-term transport sector strategies, defining and prioritising required investments, conducting required pre-feasibility studies, and identifying and documenting the related funding mechanisms. An important aim of the project was to contribute to the balanced growth of the different modes of transport through the abolition of competitive distortions, identifying intermodal transport solutions, developing adequate analytical tools for transport corridor analysis and investment screening, and assisting in the preparation and promotion of investments.