Title:Corporate Restructuring of the Power Sector in BiH
Budget:2,000,000 EUR
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dates: September, 2001 - September, 2003
Partner: ESBI, Kantor

Corporate Solutions in association with ESB International (the consulting arm of Irish Power Company) were awarded a major contract by EC to assist with corporate restructuring of the power sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Over a period of two years a team of consultants provided advise and assisted with business restructuring and the separation of core business activities; metering, billing and revenue collection.
One of the key areas of this project was to assist with restructuring of the finance function in line with the new organisational structure and implementation of relevant financial and management accounting and reporting systems; produce specification of an integrated computerised Management Information System and to support finance & accounting.
In addition, we also advised on privatisation and provided training.