Title:Review, Analyze and Recommend Public Private Partnership Investment Models for EURO 2012 Projects
Budget:135,000 EUR
Dates: April, 2008 - October, 2008
Partner: ScanAvia
Funding:World Bank

The Government wrote a "Concept of a National Program for Preparation and Implementation the European Football Championship 2012 Finals in Ukraine" which listed the required investments and provided an overall estimated financing requirement of US$18-22 billion, of which central budget funds were expected to account for US$2.5-3 billion.
The Government expected a substantial private investment component to realize its Euro 2012 program.Under the Government's Concept Note, the bulk of the planned investment was in the infrastructure area i.e. transportation (airports, rail, highways and secondary roads, regional transports etc.) With the exception of airports, these investments were not related to Euro 2012 and were intended to facilitate the integration of Ukraine with the European Union.
The objective of this study was to help with strategies on how best to attract private investments for Euro 2012 infrastructure projects by providing a realistic picture of what can be expected and recommendations on how to move forward. The assignment was a screening and detailed scoping exercise.