Title:Advice on Multiple Interconnected Aspects of the Methodologies for the National Budget Formulation and Execution of Moldova
Budget:467,227 EUR
Dates: January, 2008 - January, 2010
Partner: Ecorys
Funding:World Bank

Corporate Solutions, in cooperation with Ecorys, assisted the Ministry of Finance of Moldova in developing methodologies for national budget formulation and execution, including:
(i) Developing capacities for medium-term expenditure planning;
(ii) Improving the methodology for the preparation of annual budget laws through upgrading the content and format of the methodological guidelines for annual budget formulation;
(iii) Revising the legislation on the budget system and budget process;
(iv) Reorganising the budget formulation function across central government;
(v) Developing a new integrated Budget Classification and Chart of Accounts System compatible with the IMF's GFS 2001 standards and creating capacity for its implementation;
(vi) Formulating the legal and policy-related requirements necessary to operate the warrant system within the Financial Management Information System to control and allocate budget spending authority;
(vii) Upgrading the accounting and reporting rules, policies and procedures used by the public sector and treasury system,to be in line with international best practice.