Title:Support to the Establishment of a National Agricultural Advisory Service (SENAS)in Tajikistan
Budget:1,750,000 EUR
Dates: September, 2007 - September, 2010
Partner: Cardno Agrisystems Ltd

Corporate Solutions was a partner firm to Agrisystems, who were leading this project with the overall objective to enable vulnerable parts of the rural population in Tajikistan to use unutilised or under-utilised resources for their economic and social development. The purpose of the project was to initiate the establishment of an agricultural advisory system through a bottom-up development process in Kulyab and at least 2 other areas of Tajikistan. Building on the Agricultural Training and Advisory Service (ATAC) and the Advisory Information Coordination Centre (AICC) within the MOA, the Project developed and enforced and implemented a country-wide agricultural / rural advisory system, and, at the same time, further supported the development of the Kulyab model.
The concept of the rural advisory system and information on its activities were disseminated as widely as possible, including to other farmers living in the areas where the advisory services are provided. The Union of Dekhan Farmer Associations and Rural Businesses (UDFB) were supported as a possible partner of the regional advisory organisations at the national level.
An analysis was conducted to ascertain the extent to which UDFB could be the host for the envisaged umbrella organisation of the regional advisory organisations, as well as whether the regional advisory organisations could collaborate with UDFB with respect to supporting the development of farmer associations.