Title:Strengthening Corporate Management of Barki Tajik
Budget:1,100,000 EUR
Dates: September, 2007 - September, 2010
Partner: RTE, Lawfort

The technical assistance was designed to strengthen and improve the internal management and customer responsiveness and reliability of Barki Tajik (BT), a public-owned power company in Tajikistan.
Although in recent years, through the assistance of Corporate Solutions, BT's management and institutional capacity had been improved, its services remained poor and inefficient. As an example, technical losses were assessed to be around 16% and non technical losses about 14%, and the company was run by a chairman without the control of a Board.
The Government planned to restructure and unbundle the company starting in 2008. While unbundling is the long term solution and was the goal for BT, as designed under the previous ADB Loan 1817-TAJ (SF), the short term need of BT was to establish an efficient management and rational institutional structure to effectively design and control its planning, budgeting, revenue management and corporate accounting system. One of the ways to achieve immediate results in terms of efficiency and proper management structure is through a 3 to 5 year performance-based management contract. This TA intended to help BT to take the necessary steps to appoint a private sector contractor.