Title:Eskhata Bank - Assistance with Assessment and Development of Information Technology
Budget:99,000 EUR
Dates: July, 2006 - January, 2008
Partner: None

Eskhata Bank is a small privately owned Tajik Bank with head quarters in Khujand. It was established in 1993 by a group of private individuals with banking experience and was granted a full banking license by the National Bank of Tajikistan. The Bank was founded to meet the needs of the growing private sector in the heavily under banked North region of the country. Eskhata has been providing private companies and individuals with much needed access to lending products, money transfers ad FX operations. While the bank has been adequately capitalised to meet the minimum capital requirements in force to date, it could experience difficulties in meeting the new minimum capital requirements. Eskhata Bank approached the EBRD with a proposal to consider an equity investment and take a minority position. In December 2005 EBRD invested in the bank in exchange of newly issued ordinary voting shares and provided further finances for expansion of Eskhata Bank MSE lending. The equity investment stimulated offering of the much-needed lending products to the market and resulted in improved availability of debt finance to the local MSE.
The overall objective of the assignment was to assist Eskhata management with the institutional strengthening / implementation of Institution Building Plan in the areas relating to the development and implementation of IT.