Title:Restructuring of the Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB)
Budget:1,000,000 EUR
Dates: October, 2005 - September, 2006
Partner: Detecon & Diebold Consultants (Germany); Development Planners and Consultants (Bangladesh); Development Design Consultants Ltd. (Bangladesh)
Funding:World Bank

The Government of Bangladesh, acting through the MOPT, decided to privatise and restructure the BTTB into a limited company as part of its strategy to restructure the telecommunications sector.
The key objectives of the restructuring were to create an equal opportunity within the sector by separating the Government's policy function from operations and to empower BTTB to operate as a commercial enterprise with the necessary financial and administrative autonomy to compete with private operators in a dynamic multi-operator environment. Simultaneously, the Government will introduce competition in local and domestic long distance services by licensing private operators.
The Consortium provided comprehensive assistance to the MOPT in:
(i) developing strategic, reorganization, and business plans for BTTB (ii) identifying, valuing and allocating the assets/liabilities of the newly formed company (iii) evaluating, determining and preparing all necessary legal documents, agreements, performance contracts, licenses, ordinances etc. required to effectively restructure the company into a limited company (iv) designing a comprehensive human resources plan (v) prepared a cost-based tariff study and rebalance plan and (vi) supporting the project's public relations needs, at all times assuring transparency of the process and consistency with international best practice.