Title:Fast Passenger Trains Project - Institutional Strengthening
Budget:375,000 EUR
Dates: March, 2005 - February, 2006
Partner: Systra, Scott Wilson

The Ukrainian government is continuously developing plans to improve the country's transport railway infrastructure.
The Ukrainian Ministry of Transport was planning to make Ukrainian Railways (UZ) a separate unit and to establish 32 repair and engineering enterprises that are at present part of the state owned Ukralizprom. UZ submitted to the Ministry of Transport its 10-year commercialisation strategy, which described a phased unbundling of state regulation and business management functions once the new company was established, with a proposal for its conversion from a state administration to a state joint stock company (SJSC).
Transport activities would be separated from infrastructure and divided into a number of segments, including freight and passenger traffic, while rolling-stock and other assets would be re-organised. Railway infrastructure would remain in state ownership and separate from ownership of train operations.
The restructuring plans created the basis for the subsequent unbundling and partial privatisation of some activities of the railways at a later stage. Corporate Solutions, in association with Systra and Scott Wilson Railways, provided assistance in operational modernisation and institutional strengthening of Ukrainian Railways (UZ)to promote railway commercialisation.