Title:Khujand Water: Project Preparation and Implementation Support Services and Stakeholder Participation Programme
Budget:600,000 EUR
Dates: February, 2005 - December, 2006
Partner: IBG Ltd.

Khujand's water system was half a century old and had not been adequately maintained, particularly since the Soviet era ended.
Most Khujand houses had water on tap for just three to six hours per day and in 30 % of houses the service could be as rare as once per week. Also inadequate water treatment meant the tap water was unsafe.
The EBRD loan was set to improve reliability and quality of water supply in Khujand, the country's second largest city. Current water supply project in Khujand included three components. The First was to draw up, finance and implement investment projects for improving the work of Khujandvodokanal (Khujand Water and Canal Enterprise). The Second was training for staff of this organization aimed at developing and improving the regulating structure and functioning of the company. The Third was to improve people's knowledge of water supply problems, water values and the fact that water resources were scarce. The project started in 2004 and finished in 2007.
Corporate Solutions together with IBG Ltd. were assisting the company in establishing an effective Project Implementation Unit, providing supervision during the design, procurement and construction and helping to secure participation of the community and raise their awareness.