Title:Review of Sub - Loans and Sub - Projects
Budget:30,000 EUR
Dates: January, 2004 - March, 2004
Partner: None

The objective of this assignment was to produce an in-depth, independent review of the sub-projects and related sub-loans extended by the Participating Banks under the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Credit Lines I and II (Uzbekistan) provided by the EBRD since 1994. The participating banks were the National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the State Joint-Stock Commercial Bank Asaka, the Joint-Stock Commercial Industrial Construction Bank UzPromstroyBank and the Joint-Stock Commercial Pakhta Bank. Corporate Solutions was contracted to appoint a Senior Credit Advisor to participate in a review of the EBRD's credit lines in Uzbekistan. The review investigated a representative sample of loan portfolios granted to local businesses by the participating banks to identify the impact of the programme and lessons that may be learned in designing similar future programmes.