Title:Enterprise Restructuring of JSC "Uralelectro"
Budget:825,000 EUR
Country:Russian Federation
Dates: January, 1996 - December, 2000
Partner: BVQI (UK), Infosoft (Russia), Analitik (Russia); MC Consulting (Russia)
Funding:World Bank

Uralelectro is a manufacturer of electric motors and low voltage starters.
Since 1996, Corporate Solutions has worked with the management of Uralelectro to define and implement an extensive restructuring programme. This included discontinuing unprofitable products, reorganisation of profitable activities into three business units, and re-engineering its business processes and management practices. The restructuring measures resulted in a significant increase in productivity, reduction in production costs and achievement of ISO 9002 certification. In 1998, these improvements led to the establishment of a joint venture with a major Italian company.
Corporate Solutions conducted the due diligence and prepared the contract between the two companies. Up until 2000 we continued working with Uralelectro on the implementation of a financial management information system and define a strategy for the business unit responsible for the production of low voltage starters.
As part of this work, we developed a comprehensive investment plan that was presented to a number of potential investors. In 2001, a joint venture was agreed with a French company and Corporate Solutions was retained by Uralelectro to assist it with final negotiations and the provision of financial information to the joint venture partner.