Title:Namanganconserva Enterprise Restructuring - Development of Strategic Restructuring Plan
Budget:100,000 EUR
Dates: January, 2001 - January, 2003
Partner: None
Funding:EIBB;World Bank

At the request of JSC "Namanganconserva" Enterprise Institution Building Bureau under the Committee for State Property Management of the Republic of Uzbekistan has carried out a Diagnostic Study of the company and made the Terms of Reference for the follow-up technical assistance.
The Terms of Reference were prepared under the World Bank Enterprise Institutional Building Project in Uzbekistan.
The main objective of the project was to direct the company towards the stable development on the long-term basis by increasing turnover, profitability and competitiveness through development of restructuring plan addressing enterprise's key weaknesses and allowing top management to respond appropriately to main treats and opportunities.Consulting assistance was carried out in the form of expert advice provided by foreign and local experts with experience relevant to the operations of the business concerned.