Title:Business Advisory Services Centres
Budget:400,000 EUR
Dates: December, 1997 - December, 1998
Partner: None

In 1996, the EBRD approved a credit line to Orienbank, Tajik Joint Stock Industrial and Construction Bank. The credit line provided a much needed source of financing to SMEs through long term currency loans. In 1997, the EBRD awarded a contract to Corporate Solutions to establish a Business Advisory Services centre in Dushanbe with the intention of offering services designed to improve the performance, efficiency and profitability of local private SMEs including business planning, finance and accounting, market research, legal assistance, product design and export promotion.
Other responsibilities of the centre included helping private sector companies with everything from obtaining loans from domestic and international lending agencies through to assisting entrepreneurs in drafting business plans, as well as actively liaising on their behalf with the lending agencies.
The centre became operational in January 1998. During its operation the centre worked with more than 100 businesses in a variety of sectors.