Title:Mostar Enterprise and Regional Development
Budget:500,000 EUR
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dates: May, 2002 - September, 2003
Partner: Enterprise plc

Corporate Solutions managed a project awarded by the European Commission to promote regional and enterprise development in Mostar region, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The main objectives of the project were to assist the City Authorities with finalising Mostar's Economic Development Strategy (MEDS) and assist them with the implementation of this strategy.
The project set up an agency responsible for coordinating the implementation of MEDS and act as the focal point in bringing together the resources of the city to support the economic development of the city and the region.
The agency is called Mostar's Enterprise Development Agency (MEDA).
In addition, the project provided additional support to MEDA with the following initiatives. Developing a business plan for MEDA and support to Business Incubator. Definition and setting up of an Enterprise Zone. Developing marketing material for investment opportunities in the region and conducting a social economic audit of the region. Creation of a one-stop-shop business advisory services and identification other business support services available and provision of coordination through MEDA.