Title:Nizhny Novgorod Economic Regeneration and Job Creation
Budget:3,700,000 EUR
Country:Russian Federation
Dates: December, 2003 - October, 2006
Partner: Enterprise plc., ECORYS, ULG Northumbrian Ltd.

The Russian Federation has experienced significant political, economic and social changes in recent decades. One result of these has been a significant increase in poverty and poorer living standards for many.
The "Nizhny Novgorod (NNO) Economic Regeneration and Job Creation" project had an important role in dealing with these issues and contributed to DFID's 2001-2005 Country Strategy for Russia, which aimed to diminish poverty whilst achieving the social and economic development goals of NNO. This was largely achieved by the development of strategic partnerships with state authorities, local self-government bodies, broad public and international organisations.
The goal of this project was to create within the NNO favourable conditions for economic regeneration and job creation, with the participation of the oblast Administration, private sector, NGOs and civil society.
The project contributed to the goal of the NNO through assistance in improving the design, monitoring, evaluation and implementation under the following main outputs (i) effectively operating Interagency Working Groups for Economic Regeneration and Job Creation (ii) strengthened NN investment policy, legislation and programme (iii) improved tourism development programme (iv) consolidated and improved SME support infrastructure (v) improved access to finance for micro,small and medium enterprises and strengthened youth and rural employment policies and programmes.