Title:Study on Freight Tariffs, Infrastructure Access and Railway Sector Regulation
Budget:500,000 EUR
Dates: January, 2002 - June, 2003
Partner: DE - Consult (Germany); Tebodin (Netherlands); NIITK (Kazakhstan)

Corporate Solutions Consulting Ltd, in association with DE - Consult, Tebodin Consultants & Engineers B.V. and the Kazakhstan Research Institute for Transport, assisted the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The ultimate goal of the project was to facilitate the ongoing restructuring of the railway sector in Kazakhstan and help Kazakhstan State Railways (KTZ) reform itself into a more commercial enterprise. This involved developing a freight tariff setting methodology in order for Kazakhstan Railways to be able to cope with increasing competition in freight transport; establishing a cost based pricing mechanism and defining a regulatory framework for fair and transparent infrastructure access by rail operators.
Corporate Solutions was the lead partner and had the ultimate responsibility for achieving the objectives of the project.