Title:Fast Passenger Train project - Assistance with Bank's Due Diligence
Budget:37,000 EUR
Dates: October, 2003 - December, 2003
Partner: None

In 1999 the EBRD agreed to support Ukrainian Railways in its restructuring programme and provided a loan to assist the Railways in implementing commercialisation initiatives in the areas of business planning, track maintenance management systems and improving operating condition of the track.
In 2003 the EBRD was considering a new loan to the Ukrainian Railways to continue the support initiated with the first project and also contributed to the introduction of fast day passenger trains for two international corridors and reconstruction of a double track Beskyd tunnel.
The objective of this consultancy project was to review technical specifications prepared for the passenger carriages and track maintenance components with a view to assessing their suitability for open tendering, the potential interest which might be generated amongst qualified suppliers, and ultimately, a reasonable cost estimate for each component.