Title:Baku-Samur (M2) Road Improvement
Budget:99,000 EUR
Dates: July, 2004 - October, 2004
Partner: Arup

The Government of Azerbaijan, through the Ministry of Transport, is implementing a programme of rehabilitation and upgrading of main national roads that were constructed during the Soviet era.
Generally, these roads were built to now outdated design standards; many of them received no maintenance for long periods and are now in poor condition.
The road sector in Azerbaijan is administered on behalf of GoA by the Road Transport Services Department (RTSD). The PIU has responsibility for inter-alia tender procedures, co-ordination and implementation of all construction contracts for RTSD.
The Baku-Samur (designated "M2") is 208 km in length and runs directly north from Baku to the border with Russia. The road was constructed in the 1970s. During the last 10 years, little maintenance has been undertaken and much of the road is now in a poor state of repair. The GoA has made a request to the EBRD, the ADB and the World Bank, that they consider financing improvements to this road. The EBRD commissioned a Pre-Feasibility Study to enable it, and the other financial institutions involved, to make a decision on financing.
The Pre-Feasibility Study covered the whole length of the road. Further feasibility studies would follow covering selected sections of the road.