Title:Tacis Region - Framework for Transport Consultancy Services
Budget:620,000 EUR
Country:Armenia;Azerbaijan;Belarus;Georgia;Kazakhstan;Kyrgyzstan;Moldova;Mongolia;Russian Federation;Tajikistan;Turkmenistan;Ukraine;Uzbekistan
Dates: September, 2003 - December, 2004
Partner: Arup

Corporate Solutions, in association with Arup, was awarded a contract to assist the Transport Team of the EBRD with the preparation and implementation of transport investment projects in the Tacis region.
A major use of transport infrastructure throughout the region is for the transportation of oil and oil products. Therefore through these assignments the team gained valuable insight in to the oil and gas industries in the region.
The brief for individual call-off contracts included assignments to provide assistance at all stages of the project preparation cycle, including due diligence studies. During a two-year period financial, technical and environmental due diligence studies of transport investment projects were conducted, of total value 100 Million Euros in Azerbaijan (Roads), Kazakhstan (Railways and Airport), Georgia (Railways), Ukraine (Railways and Port) and Russia (Freight Wagon Manufacturing and PPP).