Title:Separation of Postal and Telecommunication Activities
Budget:35,500 EUR
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dates: June, 2000 - October, 2002
Partner: None
Funding:HPT Mostar

Corporate Solutions was awarded a contract by Hrvatska Posta i Telekomunikacije d.o.o. Mostar (HPT), the postal and telecom company operating in the Croatian community of Bosnia & Herzegovina, to prepare a plan for the separation of the company's Postal and Telecommunications activities and setting them up as autonomous businesses.
The plan included the following. Separate five year financial projections for the post and telecom activities. Details of the short and long term financing requirements for post operation to ensure ongoing and solvent business and methods for the separation of assets, liabilities and resources between the new businesses. Determination of the level of subsidy required by post from telecom and definition of legal requirements and a plan for the implementation of the separation. The proposed separation plan was approved by the management of the company and the government.