Title:Accounting and Billing Advisory Services for the Telecommunication Sector
Budget:1,226,950 EUR
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dates: October, 1998 - December, 2001
Partner: None

In 1998, Corporate Solutions was awarded a contract to assist the three Telecom companies with the restructuring of their finance and accounting functions. The main purpose of this project was to ensure that the operators could implement and operate consistent financial procedures for producing audited financial statements in accordance with International Accounting Standards (IAS).
Very early into the project it became apparent that the extent of assistance required by the companies was much greater than initially envisaged. The project therefore focused on areas that were of key importance to the companies and the project was extended for a further period of two years.
In January 2000, a new contract was signed with the EBRD to continue providing consultancy in finance and accounting to the three operators. In addition, two contracts were signed directly with the Telecom companies to assist in separation of postal and telecommunication services