Title:Khujand Wastewater Project-Phase III-Corporate Development, Stakeholder Participation and City Support Programmes
Budget:439,872 EUR
Dates: May, 2017 - November, 2019
Partner: N/A

The objective of this assignment is to assist the Company to further improve its institutional development in line with the proposed Phase III investments, building on the improvements made in previous Phases. It comprises three main objectives:
Part I: Continued Corporate Development Programme for Khujand Water Company
The first objective is to assist the Company to further improve its commercial standing, service and environmental performance by supporting the ongoing identification and implementation of the necessary corporate, financial and operational improvements required to meet the related covenants included in the EBRD finance documents for Phase III.

Part II: Stakeholder Participation Programme
The second objective is to implement the Stakeholders Participation Programme (“SPP”), aimed at enhancing public ownership by encouraging water conservation, increasing public participation in the provision of water and wastewater services (service quality, rehabilitation activities, tariffs integrating poverty and social issues) and raising public awareness on issues related to the project implementation and water use

Part III: Continued City Support Programme for the City of Khujand
The third objective is to update, resign and implement the Project Support Agreement, including the revised tariff methodology as developed under Financial and Operational Performance Improvement Programme (“FOPIP”) component of previous Phases and as updated under Phase III.