Title:Development of Commercial Management Systems for the Power Sector
Budget:403,714 EUR
Dates: June, 1996 - January, 1997
Partner: Diawa - Japan

Kyrgyz State Energy Holding Company (KSEHC) is the sole generator and distributor of electric power throughout the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and as such represents the backbone of the country's industry.
In 1995, the EBRD extended a US$38m sovereign loan to KSEHC for constructing transmission lines to deliver electric power to the Kutmor Gold Mine. The company was also provided with technical assistance to improve its financial management practices in line with International Accounting Standards (IAS).
A consortium, led by Corporate Solutions and Daiwa, was selected to help KSEHC with re-engineering its finance and accounting function and implementing a computerised accounting system. This was achieved through a combination of introducing modern finance and accounting procedures, staff training and the development and implementation of an integrated computerised accounting system.
Since 1997, the company's financial statements are audited to international standards and KSEHC has received a number of other loans from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.