Title:Independent Verification Agent (IVA) for the Electricity Access for Low-income Households in Zambia Project
Budget:268,320 EUR
Dates: March, 2016 - March, 2017
Partner: Soft White 60 Corporation (Canada)
Funding:World Bank

The state-owned energy utility in Zambia, ZESCO, has received financial support from the World Bank, acting as administrator for the Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA), to implement the Electricity Access for Low-income Households in Zambia project. The objective of the project is to increase access to grid-based electricity services by low-income households in urban and peri-urban areas.
Under the project, households and Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in targeted areas will gain access to electricity through either a standard or enhanced connection. The outputs under the project are approximately 22,000 working household electricity connections for low-income consumers in urban and peri-urban areas of Zambia; installation of ready boards for about 3,000 of the connected households; and approximately 5,000 MSEs connected to the electricity grid in target areas.
The objective of this assignment is to verify that the grid connections have been installed by the service provider, ZESCO, in accordance with the project objectives. Specifically, the Consultant will:
1. Verify that installed connections are consistent with either the standard or the enhanced connection as described earlier and meet the quality standards required by the Energy Regulation Board;
2. Verify that installed customer connections are in eligible project target areas;
3. Check that customers have been provided with basic training and user information;
4. Prepare output verification reports (OVRs) that underpin the subsidy disbursement requests; and,
5. Report on the key performance indicators for the project as laid out in the Results Framework.