Title:Technical Assistance Project for the Implementation of the Pilot Regional Development Programme (PRDP) in the Republic of Azerbaijan
Budget:1,379,800 EUR
Dates: March, 2016 - June, 2018
Partner: WYG International (UK)

The overall objective of the project is to support local and national authorities to address regional, social and economic disparities in order to enhance competitiveness, job creation and inclusive growth.

The expected results of the project are grouped in 4 Components as described below:

1.Result 1 - Capacities of the Ministry of Economy and Industry enhanced. It is expected that at least 35 staff of central and regional offices of the Department of Development of Regions and State Programmes will directly benefit from the PRDP support;
2.Result 2 - A model of Regional Development Plan, as an instrument to realise efficiently the "State programme on socio-economic development of regions 2014-2018" in a selected pilot region is produced and approved by the beneficiary institution;
3.Result 3 -Specific methodology and assessment instruments developed in the pilot region, for providing infrastructure and support to the development of entrepreneurship and of economic activities are available;
4.Result 4 - The capacities of the Department for Cooperation with International Organizations are enhanced in relation to the monitoring of the projects funded by International Financial Institutions and implemented in the regions of Azerbaijan.