Title:Technical Assistance for Strengthening Good Corporate Governance and Compliance at ZESCO
Budget:298,250 EUR
Dates: March, 2015 - November, 2015

The overall objective of the project is to support ZESCO in strengthening good corporate governance and compliance within the company, in order to enhance efficiencies, provide greater transparency and accountability, eradicate corruption, ensure sound decision-making, improve the quality of service, improve financial, technical, and engineering performance and help ensure that decisions are based on sound business principles.
Corporate Solutions is helping create a basic, functioning program that includes high-level governance policies, internal controls for targeted day-to-day operations, compliance mechanisms to promote adherence to the rules, and training of personnel to equip them to train others. This infrastructure will position the company to further build governance, controls, and compliance mechanisms on an ongoing basis to address additional needs and shift operations and risk profiles.