Title:Development of Long Range Financial Projections for the Power Sector
Budget:66,000 EUR
Dates: June, 1999 - August, 1999
Partner: None

In July 1995, the Government of Kazakhstan initiated a restructuring and privatisation programme in the power sector. This led to the sector being restructured into several generation and distribution companies with a single company, Kazakhstan Energy Generating Operating Company (KEGOC), responsible for transmission. Subsequently an application was made to the EBRD for a long term loan to invest in the modernisation of the country's transmission network.
Corporate Solutions was awarded a contract to develop a long term cash flow model for the whole of the Kazakhstan power sector and assess the appropriateness of tariff setting procedures within the sector. The objective of the assignment was to assist the EBRD with establishing the viability of extending a loan to KEGOC to invest in the modernisation of the country's power transmission infrastructure.
Our role was to develop a forecast of future cash flows and determine the ability of KEGOC to make repayments against the loan.