Title:Rural Electrification Phase II Project (REP II) - Review EDL''s Financial Management Information & IT System Processes, Produce New FMIS & IT System Design Specifications, Procurement Support, for a new FMIS & IT System for EDL
Budget:499,205 EUR
Dates: April, 2015 - December, 2016
Funding:World Bank

EDL implemented a financial management system early in 2000 including two main blocks, namely the billing and collection and the Accounting and Financial Management System (AFMS). The Billing system has been fully implemented and currently in operation throughout the country and has been one of the factors for improving the financial management of EDL. The AFMS system was not fully implemented for a number of reasons and the old ledger system (ALIS) coexists. EDL is also using a small scale accounting system to provide a bridge on the accounting system operation.
EDL has undertaken a management restructuring with the aim of improving its operations. As a result of this initiative it reviewed the Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS) requirements and respective capacity building to complement this business development with the objective of taking the company to the league of international utility practices. The objective of this project is to:
1. Review current processes and produce design specifications for the modernisation of its FMIS;
2. Assist EDL to prepare documentation for the process to procure a new FMIS and subsequently assist EDL in administering the bidding and evaluation procurement process.