Title:Khujand Solid Waste Management - Corporate Development
Budget:350,000 EUR
Dates: October, 2012 - September, 2015
Partner: TBU Environmental Engineering Consultants

The EBRD has a long standing cooperation experience with the city of Khujand based on successful implementation of Khujand Water Supply Improvement Projects, Phase I and II.
It is now proposed to launch the Khujand Solid Waste Management Project to help improve solid waste management services by investing in and supporting a reorganisation of the solid waste management system. The Project will contribute to the development and institutional strengthening of the Company and the City in respect of procurement, privatisation, creditworthiness enhancement and the improvement of the environmental situation in the City.
This activity will focus on operational and financial support to secure the sustainability of the Company''''''''s operations. Implementing a Stakeholders Participation Programme in Khujand. Developing and introducing a Public Service Contract between the Company and the City.