Title:GFMIS High Level Implementation Architecture and Business Process Review
Budget:119,450 EUR
Dates: May, 2011 - July, 2011
Partner: n/a
Funding:World Bank

The World Bank has been in the process of setting-up a Public Expenditure Management and Tax Administration Modernization (PEM-TAM) investment project which will underpin the implementation of the Government of Armenia's reform strategy in relation to public financial management, providing the financing for needed investments in the modernization of information technology and capacity development. The overall project development objectives of PEM-TAM were to strengthen efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability in public financial management and revenue administration.
The objective of this consultancy was to support the development of high level Government Financial Management Information System (GFMIS) architecture options, high level business processes supporting the architecture options, and the implications of each of the options in terms of software licensing arrangements and projected costs.
The deliverables of this consultancy were designed to enable the Government's decision on the choice of GFMIS architecture and to assist in the preparation of system specifications for GFMIS procurement.