Title:Improving the Accounting and Financial Management System of the Subsidiaries of Barki Tajik
Budget:350,000 EUR
Dates: July, 2004 - March, 2006
Partner: None

Corporate Solutions was awarded a contract by the Asian Development Bank to assist Barki Tajik (BT) with the implementation of accounting procedures in line with IAS and the introduction of effective business planning and financial management practices.
As part of this first ADB financed project, BT modernised and computerised its financial planning and reporting systems at its head office, in line with IFRS.
In 2004 the Government of Tajikistan received a Technical Assistance grant from the ADB, which was used to contract Corporate Solutions, to provide services in modernising the accounting and financial management systems of the subsidiaries of BT, as part of an overall programme to support the restructuring and eventual unbundling and privatisation of BT.