Title:EuroMed Regional Transport Project - Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas II
Budget:5,950,000 EUR
Dates: October, 2010 - October, 2013
Partner: ARUP (Lead) CERTH, Comito, Equinoccio, TREDIT, PLANET, DAR, BMT Hi-Q Sigma

This project followed up on the first Mediterranean Motorways of the Seas programme that ended in 2010. This contract contributed to the overall completion of the physical and economic integration of the Euro-Mediterranean region and the development of a Mediterranean free trade area by means of putting in place a well functioning transport system. Efficient flow of goods was also facilitated between both sides of the Mediterranean from door to door and just in time. Ensuring good interoperability from the ports to the hinterland through logistic platforms, ports, maritime transport connections to the ports of the northern part of the Mediterranean, or between the Mediterranean partner countries themselves.