Title:Establishment of an Independent System Operator for Electricity Transmission
Budget:955,000 EUR
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dates: February, 2002 - February, 2005
Partner: KEMA Consulting B.V.; Power Planning Associates (PPA)

In 2002, DFID funded a project to assist with the liberalisation of the energy market in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the establishment of an Independent System Operator (ISO)responsible for managing the transmission of electricity.
Corporate Solutions, in a Consortium led by KEMA Consulting and including Power Planning Associates, provided the technical and management services required for the ISO to be established and become operational. This included:
(i) providing assistance in the definition of ISO's business processes and alignment of the Grid Code and Book of Rules;
(ii)Creation of a corporate and organisational structure and staff recruitment;
(iii) Making technical improvements in SCADA/EMS facilities and offering comprehensive technical training in all aspects of managing the ISO's operations.
Corporate Solutions' role on the project was to assist with developing a corporate and organisational structure for the ISO,with preparation of an operational budget and definition of accounting procedures. We were also assisting with the development of a human resources structure and recruitment of staff.